KVB Wonder is for the ones who always strive under change and continously educate themselves. The ones who wonder. Driven by our soul, Grow With Impact, KVB would like to work with others in providing talents with skills to strive in the rapid changing world and in the new economy.

KVB works with edutech companies or startups and individuals who provide various topics related to the New Economy through practical online and engaging offline classes / training. The classes / trainings are designed for:

  1. Fresh graduates
  2. Professionals at enterprises and startups
  3. Leaders at startups and enterprises
The online classes are available at edutech marketplaces, produced in partnership with edutech startups companies.

KVB Wonder also provides consulting service for edutech and educational institutions, to help them:

  1. Build their reputation and brands in the market
  2. Promote their educational products to the targetted market

Do you wonder about our iconic Fox at KVB Wonder logo? Do you wonder about how to take part on this? Please feel free to ask us.


Grow With Impact is Our Soul

We help grow and evolve ventures.
We drive and celebrate inclusivity.
Let's Grow with Impact, with us.

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