Our basic needs remain the same, like rice, different kind of fruits, potatoes and so on.

The question is: "How to market and distribute agricultural products as consumers and how we communicate have been changing due to technology?"

Voice of Farmers is our communications approach to help enterprises, tech startups or individuals in building the brand and promoting their agriculture product brands.

Not just big plantation or farms, we have been working also with agri-tech startups, venture capital firms (that have similar view with us that agriculture is a strategic sector), and also the rising urban farmers.

On top of it, our love to agriculture and our thought that being a farmer is a noble job, have been the reason for us to create and execute a community probono program that focus on agriculture, which we name: Paddy.

Under Paddy, we work together with a community in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia and students of Institut Pertanian Bogor (Bogor Agricultural Institute). We provide seeds, work together with local farmers and help them on how to promote their agricultural products.

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