KVB is a brand and venture consultancy, with Grow With Impact as the Soul. This simply means: "As we grow, we drive others to grow."

We drive the growth inclusion in the new economy by:
  • Providing brand building and communications strategy consultancy
  • Delivering the voices of enterprises, startups and venture capital firms using Public Relations and other communications channels.
  • Working with enterprises as they are transforming and building their brands
  • Connecting the stakeholders in the ecosystem of the new economy: startups, enterprises, media and investors / Venture Capital firm

As we celebrate inclusivity, we have Voice of Startups or an inclusion platform for startups and ecosystem that includes enterprises.

Along with the rise of tech startups, KVB has been developing specialized tech-sector-based practices.

KVB was founded on 23 November 2011 as a single Public Relations firm named Kennedy, Voice & Berliner.

We continue work with enterprises, startups and venture capital firms. Paddy is our pro-bono community program focusing on agriculture and farmers.

Grow With Impact is Our Soul

We help grow and evolve ventures.
We drive and celebrate inclusivity.
Let's Grow with Impact, with us.

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